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We strive to create distinct and innovative blends, dispersions and masterbatches with pigments and/or dyes that meet the functionality, sustainability, volume and finishes expectations of our clients.

In FREDCOLOR, a family owned company since 1998, we are fully committed to our clients in order to give value added to pigments and dyes in their various forms and presentations. With the purpose to ease their use at our customers’ production lines we produce high quality products that always meet specific and unique requirements.

Located 40 minutes away from Barcelona (Spain), we collaborate with a wide range of industrial sectors from rubbers, silicone, plastisol to decorative paints, industrial coatings, and solvent dyes, amongst others. Therefore, in Fredcolor we are ISO-9001/2008 Certified as well as licensed to manipulate and store goods for the Cosmetic and Food Industry.

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In Fredcolor we are a family and we want our clients to feel part of it. In so, we guide, assess and develop our products with expertise and care. That’s why we provide a full service that not only exceeds our client’s expectations but takes lead innovation to inspire a much more colourful life.

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Our facility disposition guarantees fast communication and flexibility to provide efficient, versatile and adaptable full services. Our production plant is equipped with all and the best machinery needed to safely execute and complete each step of the process, ensuring high quality results.

  • Headquarters and R&D
  • Production plants, warehouses and external storage units
  • Safety standards: ATEX area
  • Recycling and sewage
  • Connections & resting areas

Our headquarters and R&D Labs offer high versatility and adaptability in order to meet each of our clients' needs. Our R&D department is pivotal to our success, and is distributed to accommodate three labs (plastics, Q&C, and development), it is indeed where all the magic happens.


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Countries we operate


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The reliability and quality of our products are confirmed by long term partnerships with worldwide leading manufacturers & suppliers.

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Fredcolor S.L. has been a beneficiary of the European Regional Development Fund whose objective is to improve the use and quality of information and communication technologies and access to them and thanks to which it has developed a web page to improve the company's competitiveness and productivity. July 2023. For this, it has had the support of the Ticcamaras Program of the Sabadell Chamber of Commerce.

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