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We have a wide range of products that meet the industry’s highest standards. In addition, through our high technology and flexibility we can manufacture and develop tailored products upon request that suit your specifications and needs.

FREDCOLOR has solutions for a wide variety of sectors. The products included in this section show the main range of products depending on the field of application and the industry’s requirements and standards. In addition, through our high technology and flexibility, we are able to manufacture products that, upon your request, can be tailored to specific requirements.

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Use the smart search engine below to search for products in our catalog that may suit your needs and use the filters to refine your search according to your industry and commercial sector, color Index, RAL, basic colour or generic name.

Our commitment to support our clients in all their technical needs and to give personalized advice has made us extremely adaptable and understanding of specifications on multi-diverse sectors. Therefore, we are constantly seeking to improve both the technical features of our products and their application, as well as their environmental qualifications.

Throughout our 25+ years of experience, we have endured and grown a mindset that has proven what we strongly believe in: the best product of the market is only the one that answers to your needs.

Our reason to be is to provide the best service and to recommend the most suitable product, and our commitment to fulfil your needs and surpass your expectations has led us to new developments and innovations with new products— suited for the ever-changing standards of the market and its regulations, and providing the most wide range of concentrates in the market.

Fredcolor is not responsible of the final use when the products have been delivered and used out of Fredcolor’s recommendations. The information contained in our catalogs is based on our present knowledge and experience. It is the user’s final responsibility to decide on the specific application of these products, and the consequences that may derive thereof.

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